Box art - Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Conversation Symbol Explanation

Mass Effect: Andromeda has changed a number of qualities of the Mass Effect series that many fans have become used to. Take for example the elimination of the Paradigm system, which previously allowed you to built a positive or villainous character depending on your dialog choices.

While you no longer will have some dialog options labeled as Paragon or Renegade, there are still several "flavors" of response for you to choose from. You can tell what a dialog option is associated with by the symbol next to it. These symbols mean the following:
  • Gear (Logical) - These are smart responses that demonstrate your intelligence and mental acuity.
  • Heart (Emotional) - These are emotionally positive responses that look to make a good impression with those you're speaking with.
  • Round (Casual) - These are off-beat dialog choices that keep things lighthearted and sometimes comical.
  • Square (Professional) - These are serious responses that are thoughtful and keep to the task at hand.

Your dialog choices will affect how others perceive you in the game, and what they say. Be careful what you select. Note that not all four types of dialog will be present in every encounter.

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