Box art - Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda How To Complete Remnant Puzzles (And Avoid Enemies)

Mass Effect: Andromeda might not be a puzzle game, but it features a wealth of puzzles anyway. Most of these come in the form of decryption-style puzzles called Remnant that present themselves as glyphs and squares. These might confuse you at first but they're actually quite simple.

To solve a Remnant, you need to make sure each row and column has unique glyph patterns. You should go up and down through each row confirming that there are no duplicates before moving onto the next. Once you think it's solved, submit and hope that enemies don't appear.

There are several Remnant puzzles and they do get harder. Take your time to ensure they are complete before submitting even if you're in a rush, because the enemies you'll have to deal with if you aren't successful aren't worth the hassle.

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