Box art - Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Can You Change Your Appearance?

You might notice that your Mass Effect: Andromeda character looks a bit... different once he or she exits the Character Creation screen. Trust us when we say that buyer's remorse with character design is a common issue that many players complain about.

BioWare chose not to include a character editor or appearance modifier. What you design at the beginning of the game can't be changed through conventional means.

Although this may prove disappointing to you, the good news is you can change your armor. By heading into your quarters in the Tempest you can make changes to your default outfit, and even develop new armors to wear when you're out exploring.

Another option is enabling your head armor. The settings provide an option for hiding your face behind a helmet, which might not be such a bad idea if your character's face is bothering you.


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