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Zelda: Breath of the Wild A Guide To Defeating Windblight Ganon

Having trouble with Windblight Ganon? You aren't alone. He's a tough encounter, but we have a quick guide for you.

As with the three other Divine Beasts, Windblight Ganon is a two-phase battle. Before you begin the battle make sure you have some form of cold resist. This can come from elixirs, but it is recommended that you wear a cold resistant armor set.

Windblight Ganon will spend most of his time in the air. You can counter this by using the vortex's around the battle map to glide upward before attacking him. You may want to use arrows for their range, although it isn't required.

During phase one Windblight Ganon will occasionally come down to the ground, at which point you can melee him. Just be sure to hide behind something when he charges up an attack.

At half health Windblight Ganon will transition into phase 2. This phase is very similar to the first, although he will occasionally charge up four objects and launch them at you. You can use cover to avoid them, or hit them mid-air to halt them before or after they are thrown.

Upon defeating Windblight Ganon you will be rewarded a Heart Container and Revali's Gale.

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