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Zelda: Breath of the Wild A Guide To Defeating Thunderblight Ganon

Having trouble with Thunderblight Ganon? You aren't alone. He's arguably the toughest encounter in the game, but we have a quick guide for you.

Unlike the three other Divine Beasts, Thunderblight Ganon is a three-phase battle. Before you enter, you will want to strongly consider bringing a strong weapon to do as much melee damage as possible.

During phase one you will want to bring up your shield and block his melee combo. This will leave him open to retaliation. The hardest part about pulling this off is the camera will often work against you. Just do your best to line up your shield in his direction.

Phase two is particularly confusing, but not as hard as it appears. The trick here is to use Magnesis to pick up one of his pillars and move it near him to hit him with an electric shock. It's that simple.

Phase three is the same as phase two except Thunderblight Ganon will be more aggressive. Keep your shield up and make sure you hit him hard when given the opportunity. 

Upon defeating Thunderblight Ganon you will be rewarded a Heart Container and Urbosa's Fury.


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