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Persona 5 A List Of Confidant Personas And Where To Get Them

During your Persona 5 playthrough you will have a chance to encounter a total of 20 Confidants. These are unlocked at various times during the year, and are found around the map.

Below are who and where all the Confidants are.

The Fool (0)

Character: Igor

Date: N/A


The Magician (I)

Character: Morgana

Date: N/A

Location: ​

The Priestess (II)

Character: Makoto Nijima

Date: 6/25 Afternoon

Location: At the entrance of Student Council Office

The Empress (III)

Character: Haru Okumura

Date: 10/31 Afternoon

Location: Roof of school

The Emperor (IV)

Character: Kitigawa Yusuke

Date: 6/14 Afternoon

Location: Underground Street

The Hierophant (V)

Character: Sojiro Sakura

Date: 4/20 Afternoon

Location: Le Blanc

The Lovers (VI)

Character: Ann Takamaki

Date: 4/15 Afternoon

Location: Underground Mall or Classroom

The Chariot (VII)

Character: Ryuji Sakamoto

Date: 4/12 Afternoon

Location: Outside classroom or Shibuya Arcade

The Justice (VIII)

Character: Goro Akechi

Date: 6/10


The Hermit (IX)

Character: Futaba Sakura

Date: 8/31 Afternoon

Location: Outside Le Blanc

The Fortune (X)

Character: Chihaya Mifune

Date: 6/22 Night

Location: Shinjuku Street

The Strength (XI)

Character: Caroline & Justine

Date: 5/18

Location: Velvet Room

The Hanged Man (XII)

Character: Munehisa Iwai

Date: 5/6 Night

Location: Military Shop

The Death (XIII)

Character: Tae Takemi

Date: 4/15 Afternoon

Location: Yongenjaya Clinic

The Temperance (XIV)

Character: Sadayo Kawakami

Date: 5/24 Night

Location: Phone call in Le Blanc

The Devil (XV)

Character: Oya Ichiko

Date: 6/18 Night

Location: Newcomer Bar

The Tower (XVI)

Character: Shinya Oda

Date: 9/4 Afternoon


The Star (XVII)

Character: Hifumi Togo

Date: 6/25 Afternoon

Location: Kanda Church

The Moon (XVIII)

Character: Yuki Mishima

Date: 5/6 Night

Location: Central District or Shinjuku Street

The Sun (XIX)

Character: Toranosuke Yoshida

Date: 5/6 Night

Location: Entrance to Shibuya Station

The Judgment (XX)

Character: Sae Nijima

Date: 7/9

Location: ???

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