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Persona 5 A Guide To The Batting Cage And Home Runs

There are a lot of neat ways to increase your skill points in Persona 5, the Batting Cage being one of them.

Located in the city down a narrow alley, the Batting Cage offers one of Persona 5's only active minigames. Similar to real life, how it works is baseballs are hurled toward you and your goal is to line up the bat trajectory using up or down on the analog stick before swinging at the appropriate time using X. If your aiming and timing is on-point, you'll hit the ball, or maybe even a home run.

First, note the differences between the three difficulties below.

DifficultyBall SpeedPrice
Beginner70km/h500 Yen
Intermediate90km/h1000 Yen
Advanced130km/h3000 Yen

Although Beginner is unlocked from the get-go, Intermediate and Advanced are unlocked by successfully completing the prior difficulty or waiting until August or October respectively.

There are very few tricks to hitting a home run other than to practice and get your timing down. In regards to timing, it's better to swing earlier rather than later. One of the easiest ways to get better is to play based off sound rather than visuals; if you learn the audio timing of a perfect hit, you can replicate it almost every time. Also, there is one thing you can do to make things easier.

Head to the Shinjuku Bookstore after June 18th and inside you will find a book titled "The Essence of Batting". By completing this book, you can slow time down before swinging by holding L1. This skill employs Third Eye, the same skill you use to reveal lootable objects in palaces and Mementos.

June 18th is many hours into the game, so your best bet is to simply practice whenever you have time available.

In regards to rewards, they are as follows:

DifficultyPrizeHome Run Prize
BeginnerGround BallMuslce Anklet (Power +2)
IntermediateVibrant Tasuki (HP +50)Bandana of Anger (Atk+ During Rage)
AdvancedHeaven's Mirror (Reflect Phys)Celestial Light Cloak (Bless Evasion)

Batter up!

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