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Persona 5 Infiltration Tool Recipe Guide

Infiltrator tools make your job a lot easier in Persona 5, and in some cases grant you access to rare treasure. Below you will find the recipes for every possible tool.
  • Convertizer - Plant Balm x2, Cork Bark x2
  • Element Set - Tin Clasp x3, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x3
  • ​Eternal Lockpick - Aluminum Sheet x20, Liquid Mercury x10
  • ​Forces Set - Silk Yarn x3, Iron Sand x3, Condenser Lens x3
  • ​Goho-M - Silk Yarn x1, Plant Balm x1
  • Hypno Mist - Silk Yarn x3, Plant Balm x1, Iron Sand x3
  • Limelight - Condenser Lens x4, Aluminum Sheet x2, Tanned Leather x4
  • ​Lockpick - Silk Yarn x1, Tin Clasp x1​
  • ​Megido Bomb - Tanned Leather x4, Red Phosphorus x3, Liquid Mercury x2
  • ​Reserve Ammo - Iron Sand x10, Aluminum Sheet x10, Red Phosphorus x10
  • ​Smokescreen - Thick Parchment x2, Plant Balm x2
  • Spotlight - Thick Parchment x2, Cork Bark x2, Silk Yarn x1
  • ​Stealthanol - Plant Balm x2
  • ​Treasure Trap - Silk Yarn x2, Plant Balm x3, Cork Bark x1
  • Vanish Ball - Thick Parchment x1, Plant Balm x1

Happy hunting!

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