Box art - Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Death Stranding Items

In the game, you’ll find three items that refer to the Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game - Death Stranding. The items are, in order: Stranded Necklace, Stranded Shackles, and Stranded Figure. If you remember the initial trailer for Death Stranding, you’ll recognize the first two items worn by Norman Reedus’ unnamed character. The third item is a weird baby doll seen in the trailer #2.

To get the Stranded Necklace, do “The Grave-Hoard” quest but, after you’ve killed all the enemies, turn left instead of continuing down the path that ends the mission. If you follow the wall, you’ll stumble upon a skeleton with a purple marker and a peculiar-looking necklace. Grab it.

The second item, Stranded Shackles, is found during the “Deep Secrets Of The World” quest. After you’ve watched the two holo recordings, go left from the security booth until you find a small office. On the table, you will find those unique futuristic handcuffs from the trailer.

The final item is found at the start of “The Heart of Nora quest” in the facility called Eleuthia-9. As soon as you enter the bunker, you’ll need to head through the lobby and down the stairs. Once you reach the bottom, turn around and you’ll find the Stranded Figure.