Box art - Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares What To Do In The Sausage Machine And Refrigerator Rooms [Puzzle Solution]

Roughly an hour into Little Nightmares you will find yourself in a room with a machine that has a gear attached to it. This is one of the game's more challenging puzzles to solve, but we have the answer for you.

First, you want to climb up to where the gear is. Jump to the left to land inside the metal lift. You will quickly be transported to a refrigerator room.

In the new room your goal is to push three chunks of meat onto the square area on the right. By doing this, you can turn the gear in the previous room to drop the meat into the sausage machine.

The three chunks of meat are located as follows:
  • On a hook above you. This can be reached by climbing the shelf on the left.
  • On the table to the far left.
  • On the ground.

Push all three of these onto the square space and then enter the lift to return to the previous room.

Once there, turn the gear to process the meat and push three sausages out. You can then jump to these sausages to fling yourself into the next area.