Twisted Metal 2: World Tour PS Cheats

Attention! If you're trying to get the code to play as Darktooth, go away. It's not here. It's not anywhere, because it doesn't exist. The only way to play as Darktooth is by using a Game Shark. For the GS code, scroll down.


JUMPUp,Up, Left
SHIELD Up,Up, Right
FREEZE Left, Right, Up
REAR ATTACK Left, Right, Down
NAPALM Right, Left, Up
MINE Right, Left, Down
CLOAKING DEVICE Right, Down, Left, Up
BACK NAPALM Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Up
BACK FREEZE Left, Right, Down, Left, Right, Up
MINION'S SPECIAL (any vehicle) Up, Down,Up, Up, R2

To be the 2 secret characters:

At the Character Select screen do the following:

To be Minion: L1, Up, Down, Left

To be Sweet Tooth: Up, L1, Triangle, Right

Secret Levels:

Go to 2 player challenge. At the level selection screen you can choose the following:

Cyburia (from TM1) - Down, Up, L1, R1

Suicide Swamp (from Jet Moto)- Up, Down, Right, R1

Rooftop (from TM1) - Down, Left, R1, Down

Trade weapons for health:

During play, enter Down, Up, Right, Left, Up, Up, Down, Down

Undress the Statue:

In New York - Shoot the statue of liberty with your missles, gun, specials; then you 'll see the statue in a bikini. If you shoot more she will become thinner!

Bomb the Tower:

In Paris - If you drop one of the big bombs in the Eiffel Tower, the top will fall and form a bridge that will lead you to the top of the other buildings. You will find a lot of different weapons.

Torch the Painting:

In Paris - Go into the Louvre and use Naplam to toast the Mona Lisa. The code you receive should be entered when the 'Single Trac' screen changes at the beginning (before the TM II opening screen). Attention - We have never gotten this code to work. It has never been truly confirmed and we have no idea what it does. Unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain that you know what this code does, please do not e-mail us about it. But feel free to try it out!

Jump the Fence!:

In Los Angeles, you can hop the fence and drive around the burnt buildings. To do the following trick, it helps tremendously to do the Eternal Life and Infinite Weapons codes (found below).There are two tunnels on this level. Get on top of the one that does not have a Warp.Use remote bombs to launch into the air, then try and turbo your way outside. You need to be towards the edge of the overpass (facing the other tunnel). This sounds pretty tricky, but it works - we've done it a few times ourselves! Just be persistent and try to get the timing right.

Homing Napalm!:

Yup. These puppies kick some serious ass. You have to have at least 2 Napalms in your inventory. Fire a Napalm and hold the button. With the button held down, press up, down, down, left, left, left, right, right. Your Napalms should now be homing! This will stay with you until the machine is restarted. You initially get 11 homers, but from now on every napalm you pick up or use as a special move will home and destroy!

Random Cars:

If you press R1 at the car selection screen it will pick a random car.

End Scene:

To cut to the final movie, pause game, then press [], O, /, Right, Left, Down, R1, L2, L2, R1

General Tips:

Try dropping a remote bomb near bridges (like the big cross one in Moscow) and detonating. You can blow up all kinds of stuff...

Reapear after falling from Ice Stage:

Just do the invisibility code before losing control of your car and you will reapear on the ground like nothing happend.

But wait, there's more!!!

The following codes should be entered during gameplay:

  • Eternal Life - Hold R1 and L1 then type Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
  • Infinite Weapons - Hold R2 and L2 then type Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
  • Mega Guns - Hold R2 then type Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up
  • God Mode - Hold all four trigger buttons and type Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up

Get to the point...enter these at the password screen to go straight to Hong Kong (and Darktooth!)

Hammerhead - O O O _ / X

Mr. Grim - _ [] / O O /

RoadKill - / O X / [] X

Twister - X [] _ [] / O

Axel - / [] / [] _ []

Mr. Slam - [] _ [] / O X

Grasshopper - X_ X [] [] _

Shadow - O / _ / O _

Thumper - / _ [] [] X O

Specture - X O O O _ /

Warthog - O [] _ O O []

Outlaw - _ O X _ / _


Infinite Turbo - 801882E6 0063

Infinite Homing Missiles - 801882EA 0009

Infinite Napalm - 801882FO 0009

Infinite Armor - 80187Doo 0078

Infinite Specials - 801882E6 0009

Rapid Fire - 801882FE 0000

Warning: The following code might screw up your Game Shark! Use at your own risk.

Darktooth - 8003434A OEOE

Here's a tip for facing DARKTOOTH:

First put on the rear view mirror, Right and Select. Next get all the weapons you can making DARKTOOTH follow you. While you do that lay mines (right, left, down) and that will take some life off him. Then when you're out of advanced attacks go behind a subway with a dead end and while you're going there shoot rear attacks (left, right, down). When you're there he'll come out from a different turn every so often. Just Shoot him with your machine guns - he'll be dead with your favorite character. Also try to get him stuck when he climbs the subway if you're in there. You can shoot him the whole time without him shooting you!

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