Splatoon 3 Dualie Squelchers

Best Splatoon 3 Dualie Squelchers Build

It’s no surprise that many are looking for the best Splatoon 3 Dualie Squelchers build given that the weapon is among the best all-around Dualies across all of the game’s modes. While it doesn’t have the best damage output and lacks long range capabilities, it dominates in close- to mid-range combat as the dual weapons have a high rate of fire, a high attack radius, and strong options for mobility.

In terms of a solid build for Dualie Squelchers, you’ll want to select gear abilities that help compensate for the high ink consumption and will help you with the weapon’s special Wave Breaker. Along with dealing a little bit of damage, the Wave Breaker will additionally mark any opponents it affects, allowing you to deal a stealthy attack on them as a follow-up.

Here’s a list of notable gear abilities that you will want to consider for the best Dualie Squelchers build:

  • Ink Saver (Main and Sub) – This will decrease the amount of ink consumed when using main and sub weapons.
  • Ink Resistance Up – This will not only reduce damage taken, but improve the weapon’s already high mobility while walking through enemy ink.
  • Stealth Jump – This will help you pinpoint stealth attacks after using the Wave Breaker successfully.
  • Special Charge Up – This increases your special-gauge fill rate.
  • Comeback – This will boost your abilities after respawning for a short time.

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