Destiny 2 Manifested Pages Fix

Destiny 2 Manifested Pages Not Dropping: Is There a Fix?

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022 event is in full swing but players are coming across a few teething issues in the Haunted Sector. The main issue is that Mainfested Pages are not dropping when taking part in the Haunted Sector activities, preventing players from completing the Festival of the Lost questline. Here’s everything you need to know about a fix for the Destiny 2 Manifested Pages not dropping.

Has a fix been announced for the Destiny 2 Manifested Pages not dropping?

Bungie has acknowledged that there is an issue with the Destiny 2 Manifested Pages not dropping but has not issued a fix so far. Unfortunately, there is very little players can do in the meantime. The bug seems to occur when a buff is applied to the player as they start the Haunted Lost Sector Activity rather than after they have killed all of the Haunted Ones. The only way to avoid the bug for now is to join the activity when the bug is not active at the start, which is more luck than better judgment.

Festival of the Lost introduces plenty of new cosmetics for players to unlock, including a new Legendary Sniper Rifle Mechabre, Mech-themed armor ornament set, emote, ship, and Exotic Ghost.

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