Need for Speed Unbound Crashing

Need for Speed Unbound Crashing Xbox, PC, PS5 Fix

Need for Speed Unbound crashing issues have plagued the early access launch of the game on Xbox, PC, and PS5. There is no consistency between when the crashes are happening, but there are some ways that can stop it from happening. Here is how to fix the NFS Unbound crashing problems.

How to fix the Need for Speed Unbound crashing errors

The NFS Unbound early access crashing issues are more prevalent on PC but are affecting Xbox and PS5 too. Here are a few things to try to prevent the game from crashing:

  • Restart the game. This can give the title a chance to boot correctly and get past the Play prompt.
  • Make sure the latest game update is installed, as the latest update may not have rolled out automatically.
  • Restart your PC, Xbox Series X|S, or PS5 console.

PC players also need to make sure their PC specifications match the game’s minimum requirements. EA’s community manager has stated that he believes quad-core CPUs that don’t meet the requirements are behind most of the problems. Unfortunately, as this requires new hardware, this isn’t as easy to fix.

If none of these solutions fix the issue, it may just be a case of waiting for Criterion Software to fix the problem, hopefully before the standard edition’s launch on December 2.

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