Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date

Is There a Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date?

The Nintendo Switch 2 release date has been a hot topic for more than several years. We had to field rumors of a Switch 2 announcement back in 2020, and many Nintendo fans were disappointed that the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro was revealed last year to be the Switch OLED model instead. Switch 2 speculation was also fueled by Nintendo trademarking “NSW” in Europe in June 2022. So then what is the Nintendo Switch 2 release date? Does one even exist?

What is the Nintendo Switch 2 release date?

Nintendo has not yet formally announced the Nintendo Switch 2 release date. However, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman believes that it will not release in 2023.

Linneman revealed in a podcast that he heard from different developers that “there was some sort of mid-generation Switch update planned at one point and that seems to be no longer happening.” In fact, it was clear to him that Nintendo had scrapped plans of a Switch Pro altogether and will be going straight ahead to developing “actual next-generation hardware.” While the Switch 2 could be announced by Nintendo in 2023, it will likely not release during that year.

Known insider Tom Henderson also predicts that the Switch 2 will be revealed in 2023, given that the original Switch will be six years old by March 2023. By then, a new console generation would not be out of place.

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