Capture Card 4k 120fps vrr

Are There Any Capture Cards With 4K at 120fps Passthrough and VRR?

There aren’t any capture cards on the market that can passthrough video at 4K and 120fps with VRR. Unfortunately, even though the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S support 4K at high framerates, capture cards that allow you to record or pass that video through to your TV have yet to be released.

Can you buy a capture card with 4K at 120Hz passthrough with VRR?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any capture cards that support 4K at 120Hz available at all. In our research, even the high-end models like the Elgato 4K60 Pro and AverMedia Live Gamer Bolt top out at 4K at 60Hz. Unfortunately, until HDMI 2.1 compatible cards come to market, we won’t see any that support higher resolutions or framerates.

The only VRR-compatible capture card is the Elgato HD60 X. It can passthrough up to 4K at 60fps in HDR10. However, it can only record up to 1080p at 240fps or 1440p at 120fps with no 4K support.

It’s likely we won’t see a card that supports 4K at 120fps and higher for a while. The highest framerate Twitch supports is 1080p at 60fps, and YouTube tops out at 4K at 60fps. So, until one of those services supports higher-quality video, there’s little incentive to develop new cards.

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