Forspoken Counter Parry Precision Parry

Forspoken Parrying: How to Perform a Counter

Parrying (known in-game as a precision counter) and counterattacking are important mechanics in Forspoken. Performed correctly, they allow you to defend yourself effectively, deal damage to enemies, and heal some of Frey’s HP. However, they work differently than you might be used to, making them tricky to use.

How to counter and parry in Forspoken

In Forspoken, counterattacks and parries require you to take a hit from an enemy while Cuff’s shield is charged. When he deflects the attack, you’ll see a prompt appear on Frey. If you hit the button on the prompt (Triangle on PS5 and Y on an Xbox controller) during the time limit, you’ll perform a counter which will damage your foe and hear Frey.

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There are also Precision Counters, which would be akin to a parry in similar games. If you time your button press perfectly, you’ll perform one of these, which causes even more damage and restores a larger amount of health.

Unfortunately, in Forspoken, the yellow counter prompt often gets lost in a sea of particle effects. So, it’s best to practice and learn how to time the move off of Cuff’s shield effect, which gives a much larger visual indicator. It also lets you focus on the action instead of staring at Frey’s back.

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