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iOS 16.3: Should I Update my iPhone in January 2023?

Yes, the majority of users should update their iPhones to iOS 16.3. The new patch features a range of security improvements that are crucial for maintaining privacy. Those on older software may be more at risk of having their data compromised.

iOS 16.3 Patch Notes: Fixes and changes

  • Adds a new Unity wallpaper to celebrate Black History Month.
  • Implements Advanced Data Protection for iCloud.
  • Adds Security Keys for Apple ID.
  • Features other enhancements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Further security updates.

For those who use their iPhones for work and software stability is of utmost importance, it might be wise to hold off on updating. For those who can’t risk downtime on their device, waiting until there’s a break in your workflow may be the best approach. When you are ready to update, it’s advised that you check the latest reports of stability, to ensure that the new version of iOS is stable enough for your needs.

When a new iOS update features new security patches, it’s usually best to get it downloaded and installed as soon as possible. This is the case with iOS 16.3.

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