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Spider-Man PS4 1.09 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the New Update?

Just right after the first (and fantastic) DLC episode, the new Spider-Man PS4 1.09 update patch notes have dropped. It’s not as big or substantial as the last update that added some cool tweaks to Photo Mode, New Game Plus, and a harder difficulty, but it does contain fixes. Read on to see what’s in the Spider-Man PS4 1.09 update patch notes.

Spider-Man PS4 1.09 Update Patch Notes

Spider-Man PS4 1.09 Update Patch Notes

The game’s official patch notes list on PS4 list 1.09 as having “fixes and updates” that “addressed additional issues.” While vague, these sorts of updates help stop annoying glitches that can otherwise kill immersion and progression. Insomniac has, however, added a more extensive list on its subreddit.

  • Addressed an issue where some suits would not load their highest detail model in some cases.
  • Addressed an issue where the wrong character model was loaded during some missions.
  • Addressed an issue where confirmation buttons were swapped during the first Drone Challenge in some regions.
  • Addressed various Japanese dialogue issues in The Heist missions.
  • Removed a vent on a building exterior in the Upper West Side that lead nowhere.

People on the subreddit have also been claiming that the texture on the bottom of Spider-Man’s feet has fixed, however. Some users are also complaining that Spider-Man won’t stand up straight since the update but others have claimed that this has been an issue and going through a loading screen can fix it.

This update isn’t a big download either but it might take some time to copy over, as some games do. The Spider-Man PS4 1.09 update is one of the smaller updates the game has seen thus far. It looked like the game’s first big patch was 43GB but that number was quickly deflated as an install, not a download. Other updates added more as well and had more concrete data associated with them like the 1.06 patch.