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Smash Ultimate Ridley – How to Unlock Ridley

Smash Bros. Ultimate players lost their minds when Ridley was announced as a playable character in the latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. Many want to know how to play as Ridley in the game, so here’s how to unlock Ridley in Smash Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate Ridley – Who is Ridley?

Ridley is one of the main antagonists to Samus Aran in the Metroid series. The dragon-like foe becomes an archenemy of Samus’ after he leads a Space Pirate invasion of her home, and despite being killed countless time by Samus, is constantly resurrected to come back and haunt her.

How to Unlock Ridley in Smash Ultimate Classic Mode

You’ll need to play through Yoshi’s Classic Mode adventure six times in order to unlock Ridley this way. Naturally, you’ll have to begin the runthrough with Yoshi, and work your way through this adventure until you come across a fight at the end with Lucario. Defeat Lucario to unlock this character.

You’ll need to go through Classic Mode again with Lucario to unlock Marth, use Marth to acquire Ryu, employ Ryu to unlock Ganandorf, avail Ganandorf to get Lucina, and then utilize Lucina to finally come across Ridley. Fight and beat him, and you’ll have unlocked Ridley and be able to add him to your roster.

Bear in mind you don’t have to play solely as Lucario to unlock Marth, and the subsequent unlocked character to gain access to the others. You can play as Yoshi six times if you want and you’ll still get all of those unlocks up to and including Ridley.

How to Unlock Ridley in Smash Ultimate World of Light Mode

To unlock Ridley in Smash Ultimate World of Light mode, you’ll need to gain access to the dark realm. You can only access this area after you defeat the dark god Galeem in the light realm, but once you do you can travel there to unlock the rest of the game’s characters.

Once you’re in the dark realm, you’ll want to head to Dracula’s castle to find Ridley. Head through Dracula’s castle until you reach the basement area. You’ll need to defeat the Creature and Flea Man spirit—characters from the Castlevania franchise—first, and this then unlocks a new area below you.

Head down the ladder that materializes here and leads to the new area, and you’ll come across Ridley. Fight him, beat him, and you’ll unlock him and add him to your roster.