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Death Stranding ‘Too Far From Cargo’ | Do packages disappear?

The Death Stranding “Too Far From Cargo” message alert can appear at any time during your journey through the American wasteland, but what exactly does it mean? While ladders, ropes, and other tools can remain in the world for extremely long periods of time, packages can quickly become labeled as lost cargo and be teleported away from your game. If you’re not aware of this, it can be frustrating to put down a package for a quick rest, only to see it disappear when you move too far away. Do packages disappear in Death Stranding? Here’s what you need to know.

Death Stranding “Too Far From Cargo” message meaning

Death Stranding Too Far From Cargo

If you’ve got a Death Stranding “Too Far From Cargo” message alert popping up onscreen, then you may want to start retracing your footsteps to head back from where you came from. This alert appears when Sam moves too far away from a package that he has been carrying. The alert appears to warn the player that, if they don’t go head back to pick up the dropped cargo, it will become “lost” and disappear from the player’s game world.

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This alert is especially helpful when you have accidentally left an item behind, especially if it’s a package critical to the current main story mission. However, it’s helpful for standard packages, too.

If the package is tied to the story, it will be transported back to the terminal where you accepted the order. If it is a package you found in the wild, then it will become lost.

Sometimes you’ll interact with a package, only to find that you can’t carry it safely or efficiently. In that case, you can just dump it on the ground and ignore the “Too Far From Cargo” alert when it appears. It’s a nice safety net, but can be ignored without any major punishment.

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