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Pokemon Go Clone Pikachu vs regular differences

Cloned Pokemon have arrived as part of the latest Pokemon Go event. As the name implies, these cloned creatures are almost exactly the same as their non-cloned counterparts. As such, many players who have caught a Clone Pikachu can’t tell any difference when compared to a regular Pikachu. How is Clone Pikachu different? And is there anything that sets this cloned variant apart from the normal Pikachu? Read on to find out.

How is Clone Pikachu Different? | Clone Pikachu vs. Regular Pikachu

clone pikachu vs regular difference pokemon go

You’ll have to look very closely to see the differences between Clone Pikachu and a regular Pikachu. It’s a subtle change, but the main difference is that the cloned version has a slightly different color pattern on its ears: Where a regular Pikachu has a rounded black band on its ear tips, Clone Pikachu has more of a jagged black band.

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We know, it’s not much of a difference. In fact, without being told, many players can’t see any difference at all. However, the cloned variant has one more difference that is not merely cosmetic: It cannot be evolved into other forms.

Aside from being unable to evolve, there’s very little difference when comparing cloned Pokemon vs their normal counterparts. It’s probably no surprise that this Pikachu can’t evolve, considering that most one-off Pokemon featured in Pokemon Go are stuck in just one form. In essence, the only real difference between these two is a slightly adjusted color pattern on its ears.

Yes, it’s a small change, but no, we don’t much care. Clone Pikachu’s only visible difference is an altered color pattern on its ears. You’d think that a clone Pokemon would be largely identical to its non-cloned counterpart, but there’s always bound to be something changed, right? If you want to catch one of your own, be sure to check out our guide on how to catch a Clone Pikachu in Pokemon Go.