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Is free Fall Guys Kudos safe or a scam?

Is Fall Guys free Kudos legit? A website has appeared online that seemingly offers free Fall Guys Kudos to visitors, but should it be trusted? Keep scrolling to learn if the free Fall Guys Kudos website is safe or a scam.

Fall Guys Free Kudos | Is it real or fake?

free Fall Guys Kudos

Any website claiming to grant you free Kudos in Fall Guys is not legitimate. This is a scam to get your PlayStation and/or Steam account details, which may then be used maliciously. While it’s disappointing not to get a free Fall Guys Kudos boost, you should never share sensitive information with unknown sources.

Confirmation of the free Kudos in Fall Guys scam comes straight from the game’s official Twitter account. @FallGuysGame addressed the “scam website” and stated that “no website” is capable of giving out free Kudos for Fall Guys.

As pointed out in the tweet, entering your password into “random websites” is something that you should never do. Most likely, the details you provide will be used to steal your Steam or PlayStation account. Not only could that mean losing access to all of your digital games, but also scammers learning your payment details.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is often the case when it comes to claiming “free” items online, and definitely is when it comes to Fall Guys free Kudos.

Is free Fall Guys Kudos safe or a scam?

  • Any website claiming to offer free Kudos for Fall Guys is a scam.
  • The game’s official Twitter account confirmed that “no website” can grant players free Kudos in Fall Guys.
  • Entering your Steam or PlayStation account details into a scam website may lead to your account being stolen.

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