PS5 Download Stuck | Won’t progress fix

Setting up the PS5 can take some time, thanks to all the updates and game downloads. In the end, it’s worth the wait, though some users have to endure a longer wait than others. It’s all thanks to a PS5 download stuck bug that delays or prevents content from downloading. So, is there a PlayStation 5 download bar won’t progress fix? Here’s the lowdown to help everyone getting back up and running.

PS5 Download Stuck | Progress bar won’t move fix

PS5 download stuck

The PS5 has been having slow copy and download speed issues, but downloads getting stuck and refusing to progress takes these problems to the next level. Stuck download progress on PS5 can seemingly occur at random, though, thankfully, there is an easy fix.

The simplest fix for the PS5 download stuck error is to pause and then resume the download. If the progress bar won’t move for an extended period of time, simply navigate to the PS5 “Downloads/Uploads” menu before highlighting the problem download and selecting to pause then resume it. If that doesn’t work, then canceling and deleting the download before starting fresh should fix the issue.

How to fix stuck downloads on PS5

  1. Press the PlayStation button on the DualSense controller.
  2. Navigate to the “Downloads/Uploads” section.
  3. Select the stuck download.
  4. Highlight and select the relevant download again, then choose the “Pause” option.
  5. Select the paused download, then choose the”Resume” option.
  6. If that doesn’t work, select it once more and then choose “Cancel and Delete” from the list.
  7. Access the “Game Library” menu and locate the desired game.
  8. Select it, then press the “Download” button.

Users that prefer to buy physical versions of games are also encountering issues with installs getting stuck. The CE-106485-4 PlayStation 5 error prevents game discs from being copied correctly, although there is a simple solution. Here’s hoping that Sony will officially address both bugs in a future PS5 system update.