Rainbow Six Siege 2.02 Update | 4.3.1 patch notes

Rainbow Six Siege will go down for console maintenance today, Thursday, February 4, 2021. During approximately 30 minutes of downtime, the Rainbow Six Siege 2.02 update (4.3.1 patch) will release across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. These full R6 Siege 4.3.1 patch notes cover all of the changes made.

Rainbow Six Siege 4.3.1 (2.02) Update Patch Notes | Today, Feb 4

Rainbow Six Siege 2.02 update

Ubisoft isn’t slowing down on the Rainbow Six Siege post-launch support. Xbox One and Series X|S users can expect R6 Siege downtime beginning 10:00 EST/15:00 UTC, which should wrap up just before the PlayStation 4 and PS5 versions go offline at 11:00 EST/16:00 UTC. Although disruption to the service is inconvenient, the maintenance does come with a few key benefits.

Full R6 Siege 4.3.1 (2.02) update patch notes

  • The Match Cancellation timer now lasts 60 seconds, rather than 120 seconds.
  • Solved the reappearing Match Cancellation vote button bug.
  • Fixed a glitch preventing the team kill prompt from appearing when the Match Cancellation prompt is active.

The official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account shared this list of updates included in the 2.02 patch. Although there are no exciting character or weapon buffs and nerfs this time around, patch 4.3.1 brings some great quality of life improvements to the game.

There are now fewer potential delays when canceling a match, allowing users to more quickly get back into the competitive action. Additionally, thanks to the notification fix, players should be less likely to perform team kills now. While many team kills were likely accidental, other players would take advantage of the glitch to troll other users during the voting process.

If the game remains unplayable 30 mins after the scheduled maintenance start time for the relevant platform, then check the current R6 Siege server status right here.

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