Check Out Evolve’s Opening Cinematic

Evolve, Turtle Rock's spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, has officially gone gold and 2K has seen fit to reveal the intro cinematic that provides a short and sweet recap of the game's team-based gameplay.

As a quick rundown, four hunters jump from their spaceship and scurry off to find the Goliath mulching on the remains of a smaller beast. The firefight shows off the Goliath fire-breathing and rock-throwing abilities, while the four hunters attempt to slow the beast with sticky threads, heal their companions, drop missiles from the sky, and assault it with all manner of bullets.

Evolve arrives in just a month on February 10, 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering the title will net you the monster expansion pack, which includes the Savage skin for the Goliath and a download code for another monster once it's available. For more details on the various hunters and monsters, plus the single-player campaign, you can read our three previews here.