New Wave of Amiibo Announced, Functional with Mario Party 10

The next wave of amiibo have been announced, and Nintendo is banking on it hard. In today's Nintendo Direct, the roster for the Spring line of amiibo were announced, which will include Robin and Lucina from Fire Emblem, Ness, the boy hero of Earthbound, the ferocious Charizard from Pokemon, Mario's dastardly clone Wario, and the icon himself, Pac-Man. 

Also, a special Super Mario edition of amiibo will be release, including Nintendo's favorite brothers, Mario and Luigi, Mario's dino buddy Yoshi, main squeeze Peach, the villainous Bowser, and introducing the little guy with the mighty muscle, Peach's right-hand retainer, Toad.

The Super Mario amiibo stand on red bases, and not by coincidence either, for these amiibo are set to resemble board game pieces. And when there's talk about Mario and board games, it can only mean it's time for a Mario Party. Mario Party 10 will hit store shelves on March 20, and will feature the classic Party Mode and the new Bowser Mode, revealed at last year's E3, as well as a new amiibo mode. Players can tap one of the new Super Mario amiibo to the gamepad to unlock special new boards themed to the amiibo, including a Luigi board featuring his trusty Poltergust.

Those who already bought one of the Mushroom Kingdom crew, fear not: those who have already bought one of the six characters in the first set of amiibo can use them on Mario Party 10 too, as well as Donkey Kong, the upcoming Wario, and Rosalina and Luma, for the lucky ones who got their preorders in within those critical ten minutes. But, that comes at a cost — players will have to wipe their Super Smash Bros. for Wii U data in order to use them for Mario Party 10. (I see what you did there, Nintendo.)

Mario Party 10 will also offer a limited edition set with the Super Mario amiibo version of Mario bundled in. Let the backstabbing begin!