Animator Brings New Life to Failed Power Glove as Stop-Motion Tool

For the young'uns in the gamersphere, before you had your fancy Kinects and newfangled Wii Remotes and PlayStation Moves and higgledy-piggledy, if you wanted motion controls in your vidya gamez you needed a Power Glove. Not only was it Nintendo's first venture into motion control technology, it was required material for being bad in 1989.

The Power Glove and its related games were flops commercially and critically, but stop-animator Dillon Markey has put new life into the peripheral as an animation tool for his work on the hit Adult Swim series Robot Chicken. Markey installed a Bluetooth circuit inside the glove to interact with stop-motion software, attached retractable tweezers, and included a delightful saying when the Power Glove bumps fists.

Seriously, this is kind of awesome… check out the video to see the Power Glove in action.