Microsoft’s HoloLens Will Bring Augmented Reality to Your Home

At today's Microsoft event at their Redmond, Washington compound, Windows 10 was clearly the star; but if that's the case, it had one hell of a supporting actor.

Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 would have a holographic component called Windows Holographic. And it just so happens that Microsoft was also working on a headset for that purpose, which they have called Microsoft HoloLens. As opposed to a virtual reality headset which immerses a person in an encompassing environment, such as the Oculus Rift, the HoloLens will act as an augmented reality headset, projecting holographic images into the world around a person via see-through lenses, merging the digital holograph with the physical environment.

The HoloLens is completely wireless, and Microsoft claims it will work without a connection to a phone or a PC, and even has an HPU – a Holographic Processing Unit, of course.

Knowing that the Xbox One will be influenced by Windows 10, how do you see the HoloLens being used in gaming? We'd love to hear your ideas.