Bandai Namco’s Rise of Incarnates Begins Early Access February 4

By now, you may have forgotten Bandai Namco's new IP, Rise of Incarnates, an arena-based 2v2 title that is both free-to-player and inherently cooperative. So as a reminder, this new IP will be available on Steam Early Access on February 4.

The game is based on humans with extraordinary abilities called incarnates who drawn their power from various gods, demons, and monsters… so not far from having inner Persona power, really.

Rise of Incarnates will arrive with eight characters of various play-styles on two maps, New York City and Paris, in a modern world that's on the verge of an apocalypse. Players who sign up for the official email newsletter before February 4 will receive an Early Registration gift that includes slight customization options.


Check out Ryan's preview of Rise of Incarnates for more details.