Spencer: “Gaming Will Be Important” to HoloLens

Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently shared his thoughts on the company's new AR headset and its importance to gaming.

"To me, there's not a successful consumer device on the planet where gaming is not a primary app category on the thing, and I think HoloLens will work out the same way, and that gaming will be important," he said in a meeting with the press following this week's Windows 10 briefing. 

Spencer went on to explain why AR is different than VR, adding, "I think [augmented reality] is something different…when you see that [Minecraft-themed game] sitting on the tables, when you see those scenarios coming together, creating experiences right in the room, you'll see it's kind of different from VR."

Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens earlier this week during its Windows 10 event. What are you thoughts on the device?