Dragon Age: Inquisition Tavern Songs Free for Two Weeks

BioWare, as requested by numerous fans, has released the ten tavern songs that play in Dragon Age: Inquisition and are free for download on its official blog. Why thank you, kind sirs. Download these quickly, though, since they will only for the next two weeks, vanishing into the rift on February 9, 2015..

The ten tracks feature rounded female vocals by Raney Shockne over acoustic guitars, lending a soft, relaxing air that would fit well within any Lord of the Rings feature film. Of course, the subjects are all about figures in the Dragon Age universe like enchanters, the empress of fire, Grey Wardens, and Samson.

BioWare will also be releasing the sheet music for each track so that you can perform these songs for yourself. Perhaps you can even enter BioWare's Fan Celebration Contest where you can win an Xbox One Console and a signed copy of the game.