Special, Numbered PlayStation 4 Sells for Over $100,000

Sony and the PlayStation team launched PlayStation 4 in 2013, but a special anniversary edition painted to look like the company’s now classic PlayStation (the first) hardware and numbered for authentic collect-ability has gathered over $100,000 for charity at auction.

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition totaled at just over 12,000 units manufactured but the first unit off the line went to an official Yahoo! Auction where bidders drove the price from ¥1 to ¥15.135M or roughly $129,000. One Sony representative said that the company “appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations.”

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition console hardware all share the special, numbered “I’m more special than you” collector’s bane, but most gamers will probably enjoy loads of new games regardless of what type of PlayStation 4 they buy. If you’re a collector, do you have any numbered goodies like posters or special editions? How much do you think reselling this 1 of 12,300 console unit would gather should the winner get it signed by someone in charge of hardware design at Sony?

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