Mobile Need For Speed Game Dubbed No Limits Will Use Fuel Meter

Android Police reports that after announcing No Limits for mobile last year (and launching it on iOS in select regions), Electronic Arts has added “the same old in-app purchase tricks.”

No Limits will ask players to either wait between play sessions or pay to fill up in-game fuel supplies. That asks the gamer to judge the necessity of distraction with the fact that he or she probably doesn’t want to pay for a game they downloaded for free anyway. Diehard mobile gamers will obviously want to top up, but at what cost exactly?

Android Police says that in-app purchases will be built further into Need For Speed: No Limits and the title’s gameplay allows for “multiple currencies” including “gold… for ‘premium’ transactions.” A poster on NeoGAF sharing the link also posted the image you see above with a timer displaying how long the user would have to wait before a two-thirds full fuel gauge would refill itself.

Is this a matter of bad business practices or do gamers without the affliction of rampant negativity see through the issue to say that they can wait for a refill?

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