Need for Speed Heat gameplay revealed at Gamescom 2019

Ghost Games gave racing fans a look at the studio’s new game in the official Need for Speed Heat gameplay reveal at Gamescom 2019. The Need for Speed Heat Gamescom 2019 reveal trailer showed off the game’s customization features and night and day modes, giving fans of the series a look at how police will pursue them during each time period.

The night and day distinction is Need for Speed Heat’s main focus, creating two different gameplay experiences that players can switch between on command. Police patrol the streets during the day while players roam the open world of Palm City, fining players for speeding and slowing players down. At night, the police are more aggressive, as a rogue task force pursues players with helicopters and armored vehicles. Players will gain more attention from the police as their Heat level grows. Heat seems to correspond to the amount of Rep players earn in illegal street races, which only occur at night. Rep allows players to unlock new parts for cars, so the more players work towards unlocks, the more they’ll become a target for the police. Players will have to return to a garage at night before their car becomes too damaged, adding an extra layer of stakes to aggressive police chases.

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Initially leaked by an online retailer at the end of July, Need for Speed Heat was officially revealed last week with a short teaser trailer. Players will race in the sanctioned Speedhunter Showdown event to earn the game’s Bank currency during the day, which can be used to purchase the car parts unlocked with Rep. Players can form Crews with others, and the cars of those in a player’s Crew will be displayed in that player’s garage. The Gamescom trailer also revealed the Need for Speed Heat Studio app, available today, which allows players to customize cars on mobile devices and transfer them into the game. Despite having EA’s usual brand of complicated pre-order bonuses and Ghost Games’ promises that Need for Speed Heat will bring more customization options than the series has ever had, Need for Speed Heat won’t include loot boxes.