Hyrule Warriors Passes 1 Million Mark

Hyrule Warriors, the Legend of Zelda reskin of the familiar Dynasty Warriors universe, has surpassed the million mark in global sales, as recently stated by Koei Tecmo.

That's a fair number given that this is an offshoot of both franchises and that the game launched barely four months ago on September 26. It's also a slight surprise since Hyrule Warriors received 3.5 stars in our review by Daniel Bischoff.

With luck, Hyrule Warriors will continue to rake in the rupees for Nintendo and Koei Tecmo through upcoming DLC packs, namely the third pack dubbed the Majora's Mask Pack. This will add Tingle and Young Link as playable characters along with three additional outfits (one each for Lana, Sheik, and Impa) and an additional Adventure map. It will also come alongside patch 1.5.0 which will add medals, weapons kills, new mixing materials, and a higher level cap.

The last bundle, Boss Pack, will release in March, and net players a Dark Link costume if they have purchased all four packs for Hyrule Warriors.