Another Persona Livestream Event Has Been Scheduled For Next Week

I've grown to become a big fan of the Persona franchise since getting through Persona 3 Portable on my PlayStation Vita, though we've been dying for new details regarding Persona 5 and it seems like we'll learn more next week.

The developer's own website updated with a message I'm getting from Google Translate, so please bear with us. The page announces that Persona Super Live 2015 will take place on NicoNico Live, the popular Japanese Internet streaming service, and that it'll last nearly 40 hours.

On February 4th, the website (at least according to Google) says we'll get General Chair Greetings from bear. Following this, videos from previously released games look to be on the docket. If you've not kept up with Persona, Atlus will catch you up with Persona Q, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, and Persona 4 Golden videos.

That last bit may seem unexpected, given that the previous Persona livestream event focused on Persona 4 Golden, but it'll be in honor of Persona 4 Golden Vita the Best, which offers the game under Sony's Greatest Hits banner.

That evening, the top 25 Persona song countdown will commence followed by a screening of Persona 3 the Movie #1 and Persona 3 the Movie #2. The next day, we're hoping to get further into the future of the Persona series. Gematsu translated the schedule towards the end of the event as the following:

Persona Stalker Club: Nippon Budokan Special – Join hosts Tomomi Isomura and Mafia Kajita as they host a special episode of the Persona-themed variety show live online. In addition to the usual segments, viewers can expect to find the latest Persona news coming out of this episode.

Following this, there's another scehduled item at 21:00 with nothing but question marks denoting as much possible mystery as could be mustered by text on the Internet.

Click here for the Niconico Video page and be sure to look out for rebroadcasters online via Regardless, I'd be bear-y weary about staying up for two days straight watching Persona marketing materials! Remember how in the last livestream lots of strange Persona events popped up? Here's one of them captured by a Youtube user by the name of Yu Narukami (fitting).

By the end of it all, onlookers were exhausted and elated. I'll be watching and reporting in live blog format if it proves worthwhile once again.

We most recently heard at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas that Persona 5 will be available on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2015. At the tail end of last year, Persona producer/director Katsura Hashino said that the themes in-game will be focused on destroying that "feeling of entrapment" established heavily by the franchise's school setting.

[Via NeoGAF user SolidSnakex]