Mortal Kombat X Kollector’s Edition Detailed in New Video Ahead of Release

It can feel stupid anticipating a game, but the satisfaction of a successful retail purchase that results in you carrying a slightly larger box out of the store can't be matched… unless you're talking about pulling spines out in Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat X will arrive in April, though the sleek gold and black special edition offers a few goodies on top of all that blood and gore. The next edition of Netherrealm's venerable fighting franchise will include a special edition Scorpion figurine in certain versions of the retail title.

The game's designers themselves will add this particular version to the game as a special skin, though only for consumers who take the statue home too. Reptile proves himself in the latest character reveal trailer here, but make sure to check out Kitana's gameplay trailer and the release date announcement here. Netherrealm says the game will be out on April 14th, though only those preordering the game will get to fight as Goro.

Check the video above for the look from Coarse, then click here for our Mortal Kombat X game page complete with screenshots, video, and more. We'll be getting access to the game in the next week, so look for more hands-on impressions soon.