Hironobu Sakaguchi To Earn Lifetime Achievement Award at GDCA 2015, Tim Schafer Hosting

The Game Developers Choice and IGF Awards have announced that Hironobu Sakaguchi will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 15th annual Game Developers Choice Awards, to take place on March 4 at 6:30 at GDC 2015 in San Francisco.

As the creator of the Final Fantasy series and the founder of the developer Mistwalker, he has enough credits to earn two Lifetime Achievement Awards. I mean, I would give him an award just for being the supervising designer for Chrono Trigger. And don't forget Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, Vagrant Story, Kingdom Hearts, Lost Odyssey, The Last Story, and the list goes on and on!

Double Fine's Tim Schafer will be reprising his role as host for the awards, while Nathan Vella of Capybara Games will host the IGF Awards.