Dragon Ball Xenoverse Out Today in Japan; Will it Raise PS4 by More Than 9,000?

Today, Dragon Ball Xenoverse comes out in Japan. Will it boost sales of the struggling PS4?

Last week, first-person shooter Far Cry 4 managed to bring PS4 sales up a couple thousand units, from it's usual range of 12-14 thousand to more than 17,000. It's not a huge boost in terms of the numbers themselves, but it is proportionally noticeable.

Dragon Ball is past its prime in Japan, but still maintains a huge audience. It's quite ingrained into popular culture here, and it'll be around for some time. The last Dragon Ball game, The Battle of Z for PS3 and PSVita, reached global success with more than 600,000 units sold, but its opening numbers in Japan weren't spectacular. It sold 52k, with 30k of those coming on PS3 and 22k on Vita.

Maybe new hardware is the spice the series needs to become appealing again? It's noteworthy that this time around, there's no handheld option. It's gotta be a console, so will old gen or new gen win? Several PS3 versions have outsold their PS4 counterparts, but last week's Far Cry 4 results might show a sign of changing times, as the PS4 version came out on top.

We'll find out when the next round of Media Create sales roll out.

Got a prediction? I'm betting it sells 27k on PS3 and 41k on PS4.