Know Your Friends: The Party Game You Can’t Play

Ubisoft completed development on its latest title for Wii U, and did so about a year ago. Now it's just pretty much been sitting around collecting dust.

The game is called Know Your Friends, a party game utilizing some of the more social capacities of the Wii U, including mapping the player's face to a paper-cutout character in the same vein as Monty Python's Flying Circus or those JibJab web animations the Internet loves so much. Questions revolved around social knowledge of the players in various situation, such as ranking players according to who would be most likely to invite everyone else over for dinner.

The title, as they say in Hollywood, is in the can, complete with an ESRB rating and mentions at E3 by the head honcho of Ubisoft, Yves Gullemot. Ubisoft reportedly held on to the title, citing poor sales of the system as their games on the system. Ubisoft's last Wii U release was the port of Watch Dogs, released a full six months after the game dropped on the other console systems, breaking records for biggest first-day sales in Ubisoft's history.