Evolve’s Longest Match Is 43 Minutes (Can We Beat It?)

2K and Turtle Rock Studios have released a neat infographic (posted below) on all of its user's stats. So far, according to play data through February 18, you all have played almost 6 million matches and accumulated 108 years of time.

Surprisingly, the number of matches won by the Monster (51.9%) versus the four-player hunter teams (48.1%) are extremely close. That's fairly strong balance. Unsurprisingly, the Monster has by far the best chance of survival when it evolves to Stage 3.

Also, while the shortest match was 60 seconds (poor person) and the longest was 43 minutes. But that gave us an idea. Next week on 2pm PST on Wednesday, Anthony LaBella on Challenge Accepted will be playing Evolve, but we want to do something more interesting than just putting it on a harder difficulty setting with AI bots. So he'll be trying to make the match as long as possible as the Monster (against unsuspecting people who will likely be confused by what he's doing).

Let's see if he get beat 43 minutes. Do you have any tips for him?