Evolve Dedicated Servers Shutting Down in September

It seems that the death of Evolve is on the horizon. 2K Games has announced that the dedicated servers for the multiplayer game will be shutting down on September 3rd, 2018. Although the game will technically still be playable after the servers are gone, many of the game’s features will no longer be available, leaving Evolve a husk of a game.

The publisher announced the news several days ago on its official site. Despite the fact that the servers will be shutting down, players will still be able to access all purchased DLC content, including Hunters, Monsters, and Skins. Players who have yet to spend their in-game and virtual currency will have the opportunity of doing so until the servers finally shut down. However, Gold Keys will only be available until July 2nd, which is when all the virtual currency bundles will be removed.

The biggest question of all is whether players will still be able to play Evolve after the servers have been shut down. Everyone will be glad to know that they will still be able to access Legacy Evolve, the retail version of the game. Unfortunately, Evolve Stage 2, which is the free-to-play version released on PC, will be unplayable.

In Legacy Evolve, peer-to-peer multiplayer will remain available after server shutdown. Players can also play solo against the AI. As expected, all the features related to online multiplayer will be going away for good, including ranked Hunt mode, player profile data, leaderboards and player badges. Additionally, the in-game store and newsfeed will be inaccessible as well.

Evolve Servers Shutting Down: How To Access Legacy Evolve

In order to access Legacy Evolve on consoles, players only need launch the game like they normally would. However, PC players will have to right-click Evolve in Steam and select the “Properties” tab. They will then need to click on the “Betas” tab and select “legacyevolve – The Original Evolve Product.” The game will launch Legacy Evolve instead of the soon-to-be-defunct Evolve Stage 2.

What’s next for Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios? The studio announced a new FPS game in 2016. We reported that creative director Phil Robb described the game as featuring “heart-pounding, moment-to-moment online co-op FPS action.” However, that was over two years ago and no recent developments have been announced by the developer.