Report: New Guitar Hero Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

It looks like Activision may be ready to bring back its popular rhythm-based music series, as a new report claims Guitar Hero is making a return.

Inside sources have told Kotaku that not only is a new entry in the series in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it's expected to make its grand debut at E3 and release sometime later this year. The title is also said to be less cartoony in style and have a more realistic look.

When contacted by IGN for additional details, Activision replied: "We don't comment on rumor or speculation, but have previously said, that as one of the most beloved entertainment franchises, we would only bring Guitar Hero back if we developed the right innovations to usher the franchise into the new generation of gaming."

We recently heard rumblings that a new Rock Band game was in development over at Harmonix as well. Could we be seeing a resurgence of the music genre later this year? It sure looks like it.