Platinum Games Clarifies Misleading Metal Gear Teaser

One look at the teaser image above, used in one of Sony's PlayStation 4 highlight reels at the Taipei Games Show, and you would conclude the confirmation of the sequel for Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance, right? I mean, it's the protagonist Raiden standing to a giant '2' and a festive half-watermelon thrown in for good measure.

But no. That is not what that is. Platinum Games has clarified the confusing image on its Japanese blog and Kojima Productions via Twitter has explicitly said that "we did not tease a new game at the Taipei Game Show" and that "the trailer screencap in question is from SCE and not affiliated with Kojima Productions or Metal Gear."

It's actually artwork celebrating Revengeance's two-year anniversary. So barring some wacky Konami shenanigan, though I wouldn't put it pass them especially when it comes to Metal Gear, it's nothing really. Do you think perhaps that this was an announcement of a sequel that Konami just wanted to keep under wraps?