DmC Definitive Edition Cuts Sexually Suggestive Dialogue

The upcoming remaster of DmC Devil May Cry is rated M for mature just like the original game, but the new version includes a small change in dialogue spotted by Eurogamer.

An early cutscene between Mundus and his demon mistress Lilith details the villain's plans to control society. The following exchange takes place, and the highlighted part is removed in the Definitive Edition.

Mundus: "I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power."

Lilith: "The world is at last your bitch, as am I. Nothing left but to grab it by the hair, bend it over and –"

Mundus: *grunt*

Lilith: "What's the matter? Wait – what's the matter?"


It seems like a curious omission considering the rest of the content in the game, but Ninja Theory Creative Director Tameem Antoniades clarified that the decision has nothing to do with censorship.

"It wasn't a case of censorship as there are far more suggestive scenes in the game," he said. "We felt that scene in particular drags on a little bit for the opening sequence and frankly, we didn't like the line. Those few seconds were irrelevant to the scene and is covered effectively in a later scene where Mundus is metaphorically shafting world leaders."

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition is set to come out on March 10th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.