Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer mod adds PVP to the series

It’s been over 18 months since it originally came out, but Devil May Cry 5 has finally received a multiplayer mod. Called Devil May Cry StriVe, this Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer mod lets players use Dante, Nero, or V against each other in a PVP arena.

The mod (which is full of single-player enhancements, too) is available on NexusMods and was shown off by one of its leads, The Hitchhiker. They uploaded a video showcasing it in action (which you can watch below) and then later uploaded a longer video of three players duking it out. As you can see, it’s pretty fast paced and chaotic at times and slightly akin to a some sort of 3D arena fighting game.

Players with the mod have to opt in and check a few boxes to get going. However, according to one of its creators, the aforementioned The Hitchhiker in one of their Twitch streams, players should maybe expect a few bugs and some drawbacks. For one, enemies can’t hurt you with the mod enabled. It’s also not possible to play mirror matches so everyone has to pick a different character. Dante’s Royal Guard stance has some glitches and Nero’s Buster can’t actually grab anyone.

But balance is not the point. It’s not intended to be a finely honed experience and just meant to be a fun thing to do with friends. In The Hitchhiker’s own words, it is a “game mode built around broken fucking shit” because “everyone has the most stupid overpowered abilities that completely make the other person a joke.”

Devil May Cry 5 multiplayer mod adds PVP to the series

Capcom has not spoken about DMC5 for quite some time but did say it didn’t have plans to add any DLC. “Plans” gives Capcom some leeway here as the publisher is notorious for releasing beefier editions after the fact for its games and Devil May Cry is no exception. DMC3, DmC Devil May Cry, and DMC4 all got special editions with significantly more content down the line. But given how it took over seven years for DMC4: Special Edition to come out, Capcom has some time to make another version of one of 2018’s best games.

The Devil May Cry series has flirted with multiplayer before but never with PVP. DMC3 allowed players to plug in a second controller and control Dante’s doppelganger in his Doppelganger stance. And the incredible Switch port of that same game also shipped with a co-op Bloody Palace mode. The Cameo System in DMC5 only hardly counts since you couldn’t always fight beside the other player in most missions and could mostly just see them slashing away in the distance.