Homefront: The Revolution Delayed

It seems like more and more 2015 releases are being pushed back to next year, and now Homefront: The Revolution can be added to the list.

Publisher Deep Silver announced the delay to 2016 earlier today, and company CEO Dr. Klemens Kundratitz explained the decision and how it will ultimately benefit the final product.

"Dambuster Studios are an extraordinarily talented group," he said. "We are giving the team every opportunity to turn Homefront: The Revolution into a best-selling title, and have set a 2016 release date to provide them the time they need to achieve this. You can expect to hear more about the game later this year."

Development of Homefront: The Revolution shifted from Crytek UK to Dambuster Studios just last year, so the delay isn't entirely surprising considering the game's history.

Homefront: The Revolution is set to come out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.