Former Maxis Dev Starts Cities: Skyline Patreon

Cities: Skylines is currently the number one selling game on Steam, and the building simulator has inspired numerous creations from players around the world. Among those players is Bryan Shannon, former artist at Maxis Emeryville.

Shannon was part of the staff laid off in EA's recent closure of the Maxis studio. He worked on SimCity and its expansions, so he has quite a bit of experience with the genre. That experience motivated him to launch a Patreon for creating Cities: Skylines buildings while he looks for a new job.

According to Shannon's Patreon page, he "[loves] to generate content for a community that loves to mod their games, but the process takes a bit of time that takes away from my job search." More specifically, he spends 15-30 hours on each building.

The Patreon campaign highlights Cities: Skylines' flexibility and promotion of user-made content. Clearly developer Colossal Order knows how to make virtual buildings, but so do many players out there. It's great to see that creativity shared and encouraged through mods.