Cities Skylines console expansions

Cities Skylines Console Expansion News Coming “Shortly”

Cities Skylines console expansions appear to still be on the table as developers Colossal Order vaguely answer fan-submitted questions about plans to release Cities Skylines DLC to the console version of the game. Chatting to and answering questions during a recent Reddit AMA, Cities Skylines developers stated that they will “communicate our plans for console shortly” when asked for a “rough timeline” of when or if the recently released Parklife or Industries expansions would land on console.

Cities Skylines console expansions have been a common question since the 2015 city-building simulator made a surprise appearance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last year. The game has since spread its reach further with a recent Nintendo Switch launch.

While Cities Skylines console expansions do exist in the form of the After Dark add-on and the eventual release of the Mass Transit expansion on console, there are still plenty more missing on other platforms, and yesterday’s release of Cities Skylines Industries on PC has only brought the question of ongoing support for the console versions further into the spotlight.

Since its initial PC release back in March 2015, Cities Skylines has spat out seven major expansion packs and several more free and paid DLC options like Content Creator Packs and additional in-game radio stations, and it’s that constantly growing amount of content that could be to blame for the lack of Cities Skylines console expansions.

“We need to release the expansions in a specific order,” said product manager Sandra Neudinger in response to the same question. “We are a bit behind since PC was released years ahead and is still developing expansions”.

It’s difficult to read into the words of the game staff. Their answers vaguely suggest Cities Skylines console expansions will only roll out when production on the PC version winds down, while mention of news coming “soon” suggests they’ll have something good to say on the subject before long.

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